Customer Complaints Procedure

  1. The Customer Complaint is to be LOGGED into the Customers’ Complaint File – this must include Date, Name, Address and the Full Reasons for the Complaint, also giving the details of the person dealing with the complaint.
  2. A letter is to be sent ACKNOWLEDGING receipt of the Complaint on the same day as the Complaint is received. Letter to include a response within five working days and the name of the person dealing with the Complaint. STRICT ADHERENCE TO THIS RULE IS REQUIRED.
  3. If the Complaint requires a HOME VISIT – A telephone call to the Customer to arrange a mutually agreed appointment is to be made. If unable to contact by telephone, a second letter is to be sent out asking the Customer to contact the person dealing with the complaint as soon as possible.
  4. If the Complaint requires an INSURANCE CLAIM – contact insurance brokers as soon as possible with full details. Complete any forms required with as little inconvenience to the Customer as possible.
  5. Keep the customer informed of progress at all times either by telephone or letter. DETAIL times and dates of all Customer contact.
  6. Update Complaints File upon completion of the Complaint with full details of the OUTCOME.
  7. Preventative Actions taken, written Customer Satisfaction and Installation Feedback to prevent re-occurrence if applicable.
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